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Gender Policy


Edmonton Soccer Association Gender Policy


Edmonton Soccer Association, in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, strives to be an inclusive facility. All washrooms, change rooms and showers are to be considered gender inclusive. All individuals should be able to use the facilities safely and without the fear of harassment. Intolerance and abuse will not be accepted.

Due to the age of the facilities, not all of the facilities were created equally. Facility staff are available to assist, where possible, with providing safe alternate facilities, including access to family and wheelchair accessible washrooms and changing spaces where such exist, and providing access to alternate facilities in our older centres where these spaces may not exist.

Change rooms are assigned automatically based on team, not based on gender. Edmonton Soccer Association understands that the communal team changing environment may not be suitable for all teams, particularly with non-binary gender identification or co-ed teams. If a communal changing space is not appropriate for your team, please advise facility staff. If possible, we will provide an alternate changing space, if not possible, we recommend a turn-based procedure (one group changes while the other is outside of the room, then the other group changes).