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Health and Safety Plan - Indoor


Facility Covid-19 Health and Safety Plan - Indoor

Effective July 1, Edmonton Soccer Association has removed restrictions regarding masks and other restrictions, in line with current Government of Alberta and Alberta Health Services recommendations.  For any questions, please reach out to us using the "Contact Us" section to the left.

(Acknowledgement below to be completed by team booking representative)



1. In order to continue to offer sports options for both adults and youth, Edmonton Soccer Association is following the Restrictions Exemptions Program processes. This means that in order to enter the facility, everyone over the age of 12 must provide one of the following:

- Proof of vaccination. This needs to include the individuals’ name, the date the vaccination was administered, and whether it was the first or second dose. There is a leeway period up to October 25th for people who have only received one dose, provided that the dose was administered 2 weeks prior.

- Proof of medical exemption.

- Negative COVID-19 test results, obtained within the last 72 hours.

2. Staff are required to wear masks/face shields when interacting with the public or when staff are unable to maintain a 2-metre separation amongst themselves.

3. All facility staff will have their temperature checked at the start of their shift and, if sick, or displaying other contagious symptoms (coughing, runny nose, sneezing), will be sent home in accordance with AHS guidelines.

4. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocol is in place. This consists of the disinfecting of all touchable areas including players/referee benches, field entrance/exit handles, red capping surrounding high use areas, and applicable portable nets.

5. There will be an appropriate buffer between all scheduled bookings to allow time for proper disinfecting. Players are to remain off field until staff indicate that they may enter the play areas.

6. Teams will be responsible for disinfecting all shared equipment, including soccer balls.

7. We recommend distancing of 2-metres between yourself and other individuals not from your household whenever possible. In accordance with AHS and Government of Alberta guidelines, this is waived while playing.

8. The lounges and concessions will be open in accordance with AHS and the Government of Alberta, any current restrictions will be enforced.

9. Building capacity limits will be enforced in accordance with AHS and the Government of Alberta.

10. We recommend no more than one spectator per participant be in attendance. Staff have the discretion to allow more spectators to watch, ONLY if facility maximum is not met.

11. All spectators must maintain a 2-metre separation, minimum, throughout the public areas of the facility. Masks are recommended if separations cannot be maintained. Spectating is not permitted from down hallways as this is a designated fire exit. Bleacher areas will only be cleaned nightly, please take care to avoid excess contact.

12. Participants will be required to sign a waiver and COVID-19 declaration form prior to their first booking.

13. The use of fields must be in accordance with approved sport governing body and Alberta Health Services return to train/play protocols.



Anyone not adhering to the required social distancing protocol may be subject to discipline. Teams will be responsible for their spectators.


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