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Indoor Facility Specs


Edmonton Soccer Centres West, East, and South

General Facility Information

The Edmonton Soccer Association operates three indoor soccer centre facilities. The Edmonton Soccer Centre West is located at 17415-106A Avenue. The Edmonton Soccer Centre East is located at 12720 Victoria Trail. The Edmonton Soccer Centre South, located at 6520 Roper Road.

The three indoor centres are slightly different in design but contain the same resources. The West and East facilites have four fields and the South facility has six fields approximately the size of hockey arenas. The fields are covered with turf during the winter Indoor Soccer Season. For spring and summer the turf is removed and a smooth cement surface is used for the summer activities. Each facility has sixteen dressing rooms, four for each field. There are male and female referee rooms as well. Spectator viewing is available on bleachers located on the second level of the centres. Lounges are located on the second level of each centre and provide spectator viewing as well. Concession services and seating area are available on the main floor. Each facility also houses one or two meeting room facilities that may be rented for team, private or corporate use. There are pro shop areas located within each centre for convenience of the athletes, and are rented out by private companies for use as on-site stores, meeting rooms, or conference areas. The concourse areas of the centres are excellent for registration and tournament organization.

The Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities serve as the office headquarters for various soccer and non-soccer organizations. The Edmonton Soccer Centre South houses the offices of EMSA (Edmonton Minor Soccer Association) which is the supervising body for all community based youth soccer. The Edmonton Soccer Centre West houses EDSA (Edmonton & District Soccer Association) which is the supervising body for adult soccer in Edmonton, and BHE (Ball Hockey Edmonton) which organizes the youth and adult leagues within Edmonton and area. The Edmonton Soccer Centre East houses the administrative offices for all Facilities as well as the Edmonton Soccer Association.

There are two distinct seasons for the indoor facilities, winter and summer. Winter use runs from September to early April and is primarily focused on Indoor Soccer. Other activities include lawn bowling and lacrosse. Daytime users include soccer academies, school physical education classes, corporate groups and individual drop-ins. Evening and weekend use is focused on soccer league play and practices. During the Indoor Soccer season, the buildings are open 7 days a week.

Summer use starts in April and runs until the turf is reinstalled in late August. Summer sport users include ball hockey, in-line hockey, and lacrosse. Tournaments and special events are also common during the summer season. Daytime use is once again focused on physical education classes, corporate groups and individual drop ins. Evening and weekend use is taken up with league play and practices. During the summer season the buildings are open 6 or 7 days a week.


Building Dimensions

West (1995)
Height: 11.6 meters (38 feet)
Length: 127.4m (418 feet)
Width: 66.4m (218 feet)
Building site: 8,466 sq. meters
Site size: 19,905 sq. meters
(approx 5 acres)

Height: 11.6 meters (38 feet)
Length: 130.1m
Width: 66.4m
Building site: 8,648 sq. meters
Site size: 47,528 sq. meters
(approx 11.75 acres)

Height: 11.6 meters (38 feet)
Length: 129.3 m
Width: 67.9 m
Building site: 8,779 sq. meters
Site size: 70, 199 sq. meters
(approx 17.35 acres)

Building Capacity

1300 Building Capacity
150 Lounge Capacity

1300 Building Capacity
304 Lounge Capacity

South (Original)
1100 Building Capacity
270 Lounge Capacity

South (Expansion)
450 Building Capacity

Parking Capacity

East 415 parking stalls
West 237 parking stalls
South 796 parking stalls

Dimensions of fields

180' x 80'
Goals 12' x 6.5' x 4.5'
At all centres > between field level and top of Net > 31 feet


High Bay LED at all of the indoor facilities


Architectural: Johnston Architecture (West), Barr Ryder Architects and Planners (East and South Original), MBAC/MJMA (South Expansion)
General Contractors: Forrest Construction (West), Ledcor Industries Ltd. (East), Clark Builders (South Original), PCL (South Expansion)

Centaur Products Inc. exclusively supplies turf and field products and servicing.